Our Safety Culture

We have a clear aim – to maintain accidents at ZERO, by taking a zero tolerance approach to Health and Safety risks at work.

We want our people to leave work and return safely to their families.

Through the way we procure, support, train, and behave towards all our people and our customers; we will be protected from the risks of occupational injury or ill health.

Our top priority is the Health and Safety of everyone involved with our business. We all have a legal responsibility to look after others, ourselves and everyone around us. By working together we can maintain our aim of no reportable accidents, year on year.

We recognise the impact we have on the environment and the communities we work in, being committed to reduce related impacts through the way we operate. We recognise the need to balance environmental and social issues, to act and trade ethically, whilst achieving the margins that sustain our business.

We have a management system in place that details how our business is to be run effectively. The system has been designed to ensure that we achieve our objectives of delivering high quality products and services to our customers whilst, at the same time, preventing accidents and by reducing our impact on the environment.

  • These systems are subjected to two audits a year by an independent organisation. We are currently accredited to:
  • ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems)
  • OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety Management Systems
  • ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems).

These accreditations are important to us. They demonstrate our systems are robust, thus giving our customer’s and the board of director’s confidence that our management systems are effective monitored safe controlled and audited.
What will we do to achieve this ?

Every person working on a Weatherwise contract will have CSCS certification.

Each contract will have its specific QA procedures to follow.

Every person entering a site will receive a full induction and Weatherwise branded PPE.

Every member of staff will attend at least one toolbox talk a month, including HQ Staff.

Every member of staff will have a safety objective contained within their personal development review.

Company accidents statistics and data will be cascaded from the Board through to site, so that business-wide lessons learned can be passed on.

All Head Office based Directors and Senior Managers will carry out a site safety tour, on a quarterly basis.

Every incident that occurs on site will be investigated and a report produced to the Board of Directors for appropriate action to be taken.

Every member of staff will receive a least one days’ Health and Safety training per year.

Accident Frequency Ratio:

No of RIDDORS 2007 = 0
No of RIDDORS 2008 = 1
No of RIDDORS 2009 = 0
No of RIDDORS 2010 = 1
No of RIDDORS 2011 = 0
No of RIDDORS 2012 = 0
No of RIDDORS 2013 = 0
No of RIDDORS 2014 = 0

We aim for ZERO Accidents at all times.