Preston Station

Client: C Spencer Limited Contract Value: £950,000

As with other station projects the work was carried out whilst the station remained open.

Single skin cladding with patent glazing system, renewing purlins and rails and re-lining gutters

* Value: £950,000

York Station

Client: C Spencer Limited Contract Value: £400,000

To refurbish the glazed roof, station closure was not an option, so three layers of safety netting were used to protect the area below, whilst the installers could use crawling boards, with each operative wearing a full arrest system.

The work was complicated by the existence of four different types of glazing bars, only one of which was still performing adequately. After an extensive inspection of the entire glazed roof area, it was decided that getting on for half of the 11,000m2 of patent glazing should be replaced.

The project was completed in just under four months, but was originally scheduled to take seven.
  • SkyGard glazing bars, along with 4500m2 of Georgian wired, rough - cast 7mm glazing glass panels installed.
  • The glazing bars were attached to the existing steel structure using M8 single hole fixing shoes.
  • Lonsdale patent glazing at York Station.

Multi-Modal Interchange, Birmingham International Airport

Client: Birse Construction Limited Contract Value: £500,000

The project includes the Concourse Building for the light railway linking the airport to Birmingham International Railway Station as well as the Bussing Lounges for the connections into the city.

There are various types of roofing and cladding utilised on the project and it was Weatherwise’s ability to incorporate all the different types of construction in one package that secured the contract.

Keybemo standing seam on structural long span decking
  • Single ply membrane with insulation board and decking
  • Kingspan architectural wall panels
  • Aluminium curved rainscreen system
* Value: £500,000