Weatherwise is on the Case with O2

by / Friday, 27 June 2014 / Published in latest news

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Andrew Shone, IT Manager at Weatherwise (Special Projects) Limited, uses Office 365 from O2 to help the entire workforce stay connected wherever they are;

In order for staff based on multiple sites to communicate effectively, Andrew had to completely overhaul Weatherwise’s outdated IT system. Needing to be able to adapt to a changing workforce, easily establish subcontractors with the right software and a Weatherwise ID, while facilitating remote connectivity, there was only one solution.

A cloud-based service that combines the best of Microsoft Office with document management and virtual working, Andrew and the team can now interact and work seamlessly across multiple sites. New subcontractors can be added easily for the length of their contract. And with no big upfront costs, the Office 365 subscription model was easy to justify to the management team.

“Office 365 provided us with a solution that was flexible and ultimately very cost effective.”

Now able to instantly share files within the business via One Drive and access documents anywhere with the cloud, problems are resolved quickly and discussing projects on the move with Lync’s screen share and video conferencing has never been easier.

“Office 365 is a wonderful tool for our staff. For example, we’re able to use the video conferencing facilities to communicate between head office and the site, comparing drawings, sharing screens and resolving problems.”